Fired Up:  a journey through psychiatry, TV and the wonders of life is a compendium of works I have published over the years including my thoughts on mental health, interviews with famous entertainers and a variety of other topics. I’ve been in the field of psychology for over 30 years and having

worked in just about every setting there is, I’ve seen, heard and wanted to say a lot.  Now, I’ve brought a bit of it together to share with you as well as my private interviews with John Lennon, Isaac Asimov, a brief encounter with Jacqueline Susann and a few short articles I’ve written.  Here’s a Youtube trailer video:

I hope you find them not only interesting, but that they provide a bit of insight and provoke thought on your part.  That’s what writing is all about for me and I believe psychology isn’t just something you study in school; it’s something you use in your life.


A Social Security Disability Psychological Claims Handbook is truly a guidebook on how toproceed with claims made for psychological impairments and for whichSS PAPERBACK COVER FROM CREATESPACE frontcoversomeone is seeking adult Social Security Disability benefits. Includes explanations of work, evidence, who should provide reports and in what form, the listings of disorders, what to do if denied or claim is delayed, resources for finding legislators, Disability regional offices, glossary of terms.

A decade of working as a psychologist/medical consultant for Social Security Disability Determinations gave me unique insight into the system and how it works. I’ve taken this knowledge and put it into a book for claimants and professionals to use as a tool to understand and work within the system for psychological Disability claims.

The book gives you information you may not have had access to before, acquaints you with what types of reports you should obtain and which will receive the most weight in a decision. I’ve also provided guidance on the essential elements of a powerful report, the need for adequate Level of Functioning reports and it answers some of the most pressing questions.

If you are denied, I’ve also provided details regarding to whom you can appeal, how to insure your claim is reviewed in a timely fashion,  a glossary of terms, contact information on Disability Regional Offices as well as Congressional legislators. The legislators have been included because they can be a great source of assistance in moving a claim through the maze of Disability. Note: Even when legislators may not be re-elected to office, the person respresenting that district usually has the same office and phone number.

The book is, in effect, what it says; a guidebook.  As my others books are, this, too, is meant to help you help yourself or to help your mental health professional help you. It continues my tradition of providing useful information in the area of mental health.



How to Be Your Own Therapist provides tools to replace unhealthy behaviors with actions for satisfaction and success. Drawing from  20 years as a licensed therapist, I’ve developed an approach to help individuals manage their own lives by reclaiming their personal power. The “power tools” include how to:

  • Fire your parents
  • Quit whining
  • Make lots of mistakes
  • Stick up for oneself

Before you decide that you need therapy, do a self-evaluation with the help of this book and be sure to read my chapter on how you should interview any therapist and the questions you should ask.  This book is intended to help you make your way CHINESE-EDITION-OF-MY-BOOKthrough life with the skills and new knowledge provided here first.  My approach has always been a conservative one with an emphasis on self-help and skill building and that’s exactly what I hope this book does achieve for you.  You are stronger than you know, more skilled and you can begin to re-direct your life in new ways with a little guidance and practice on your own. The book has been translated into two versions of the Chinese language and French.

ITS NOT ALL IN YOUR HEADIt’s Not All In Your Head is aimed at dispelling the too-often heard retort that persons with MS are really psychologically dependent and seeking not treatment but sympathy. One of the greatest challenges people face when dealing with an unpredictable disease such as Multiple Sclerosis is learning to overcome the psychological burden of not knowing what each day will bring. MS is a true roller coaster of emotions and dealing with these feelings is a critical issue for people living with the disease. According to WebMD, symptoms of depression severe enough to warrant medical intervention affect up to half of all people living with MS.

It’s Not All in Your Head is a cognitive-behavioral approach to overcoming the depression, anxiety,and stress that goes hand-in-hand with MS. The aim is to help individuals and their families develop a better understanding of the effects that MS has on mood levels and anxiety and offers a plan of simple remediation in a self-help format.

It’s Not All in Your Head provides information that indicates:

  • MS patients’ depression and anxiety can be related to their medical condition
  • Exercise can promote growth in brain connections and help alleviate depression
  • Pain severity in MS can be lessened through stemming anxiety
  • Social involvement is key to maintaining mental and physical health

KIDS SSI BOOK COVERA Social Security Disability Psychological Claims Guidebook for Children’s Benefits is a guidebook for anyone wishing to file a claim for a child’s Social Security Disability benefits.  The book contains information on how the children’s benefit application process works, what types of reports are most acceptable, what to do if denied, extensive info on contacts for Congressional representatives, SSD offices, licensing boards, state depts. of health, and helpful abbreviations used by SSD.

WORK STRESS BOOK COVER resizedWork Stress: How you can beat it provides self-help for your stressful work day.  Work stress affects everyone, but there just 8 things you need to do to help yourself, no matter what the work environment. This publication provides simple, focused ways for you to begin to turn your life around and manage the stress that comes your way through your work.
Where Human Rights Begin: Human rights and guardianship for individuals with developmental disabilities in plain language  This is an essential book for every consumer. The book focuses on learning about rights, reading about rights and creating a personal handbook for each person. New Concepts for Living was honored to have one of their own in the handbook which was introduced at the 3rd World Congress on Adult Guardianship on May 30, 2014 in Arlington,Virginia USA.  Written with the help of Dr. Joan Kakascik and Simon Azavedo, this book has now become an everyday topic for the consumers of the services of the center and a way of living as they now advocate for themselves more than ever before.  Free to download, the book download is available in Arabic, Spanish, German, Russian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Italian and Danish.
Book cover for book published w Amazon’s KDP.
Coming on March 31, my new book, “SLEEP: everyone needs it and so do you.” Pre-order from Amazon

Amazon pre-order link: Available March 31.

Sleep isn’t as simple as we’d like to think it is and in my new book on the topic I provide some very exciting new insights from sleep medicine, plus the book has  tips on avoiding “sleep debt,” and how to improve your “sleep hygiene” plus links to helpful videos and important websites. Not just a self-help book, but a book to enrich your understanding of the complexity of sleep and how it affects your entire life.

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