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Computers are, without a doubt, something everyone needs to know just a bit about. It’s probably better to know more than a bit, but at least you can have a basic understanding of what they marvelous, yet dumb, machines can do and where you may find coding fits into your life.

Just as a few short decades ago, all of us had to take typing which, at the time, was thought to be “for girls” only, today everyone needs typing skills because computers aren’t quite ready for all voice commands. But they’re getting there and they will also, in the very near future, be able to handle gesture commands. Catch up now and don’t be left in the dust wondering what happened.

Well, that’s quite similar to how too many people feel about computers and computer coding in particular. It’s a language they don’t really understand and they think it takes a lot of math knowledge and an engineering degree to even approach any of the computer coding languages. No it doesn’t and it’s not magic or a mystery that only the anointed few can understand. You can do it, too, but you have to take just as much time learning this alphabet and “language” as you did in first grade. Stick with it, my friend, and you are going to amaze yourself.

I’m not a computer whiz. I’m just learning this stuff myself and one thing I realized early on is that there are lots of people who will teach you to code free of charge, they’ll give you video tutorials, free books and free courses. Could you ask for more?

They’re practically begging you to learn and all you have to do is put in the time. Today, if you don’t know at least something about coding, it’s going to be harder to find employment. In fact, it’s just like learning to type to get all those papers done in college. Typing was essential. Well, so is some degree of coding.

I’ve compiled not only a listing of places where you can take free online courses , but I’ve also provided links to some free books. The authors have offered the books, used primarily with their online courses, under a creative common license so that they are available to anyone regardless of their ability to pay. Too often, books and education are the province of the wealthy but not here.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to go to school or buy books because there are good people on the internet who want to help you–free of charge.   Books on Python are available to you under a creative common license and that means, as I just said,  FREE.  AND don’t forget to go to and search for courses. Use a downloading program for these tutorials and you can use and review them as many times as you wish or need.  I’ve given a link for a Mac but there are others that support Windows.

One book I highly recommend is “Learn Python the Hard Way.” Click the link and LEARN PYTHON THE HARD WAYit will take you to the website where all the chapters are free to read online. Or go to Amazon and buy the book that comes with a complete video of all the exercises.

Get a free program (Youtube Downloader for Windows or Mac) and copy the tutorials for this book on Youtube.

Another book that contains the material in a free class by Dr. Charles Severance. It’s  the book he wrote and offers free to you, too.  All PYTHON FOR INFORMATICSthe videos at Coursera can  be downloaded free of charge and the professor  has office hours for anyone who signs up for the course. The office hours are all over the globe as well as online now.

You can download the book in a variety of formats.




mySQLWhat else might you need to know or would you like to know more about? How about databases and how to use them to pull out only the information you want from hundreds, if not thousands of entries? Then you need to know MySQL which is on just about every hosting server in the world. Watch Bucky Roberts. Download all of the videos  (about 33) and you won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll be tickled at how easy it is to manipulate databases.

Bucky is a real go-to guy when it comes to learning computer coding and he has a whole new batch of video tutorials on the latest iteration of Python 3.4. Click the link here and you’ll be on your way to a better understanding of the always-necessary Python coding sequences.

Python is one of the best-known languages around, but a number of people are learn-ruby-the-hard-wayalso looking favorably at Ruby on Rails. Watch these tutorials on this technique. One book you might also want to read is “Learn Ruby the Hard Way:   A simple and idiomatic introduction to the imaginative world of computational thinking with code” by Zed Shaw.  Shaw also has a book on Python with a similar title.


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