For the Birds

Birdwatching doesn’t have to be only for those who are willing to brave the elements, sit for hours on platforms or strain their necks with field glasses or spotting scopes.  Technology  and a willingness to share has now provided us with instant access to peek in at birds in nests all over the world.

Whether you love wildlife or just need some time to sit and appreciate the beauties of nature that birds represent, here’s your spot. Come back as often as you want and enjoy the many species of birds and their wonderous young.

As we find more, we’ll add them and if you find a great bird cam, send the suggestion along and perhaps we can include it.

Here we provide you access to these webcams.

Bird cams around the world

Eaglets and their parents can be seen 24/7 thanks to this webcam. It’s even on during the night when the owls try to come to snatch the young from the nest.

NEW JERSEY EAGLES nightcam on this one.

hummingbirdHUMMINGBIRD (California, USA): What a tiny nest she has!

peregrin falcons (1)NYU’S BOBBY AND VIOLET (New York, NY, USA): They have their nest right outside the NYU president’s office. Of course, Violet is named after NYU’s school color.

loon with chickLOONCAM (Maine, USA): Lots of info and videos.


BLUEBIRDS (Louisiana, USA): You can look right into the little beaks of these chicks.

wood duckWOOD DUCK (Texas, USA): She’s sitting on 15 eggs!

GREAT HORNED OWLS (Alberta, Canada):

BARN OWLS (Washington State, USA):



POLISH STORKCAM: (can be translated)




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