Memory and Brain Games

Who wouldn’t like to improve their memory? But it always seems to either take too much time, cost money or you’re just not interested in the approach they take. Ok, let yourself go and just enjoy yourself while you and any kids you know dive in and try some of the sites I’ve found for you.

brain switchSome are really more instructional (but that part is hidden) and some just make you really use your head to figure it out. Everything you do is good exercise for your brain and will help you sharpen up your skills in perception and figuring things out. Do it when you feel like it or when you’re bored with something else or uninterested and you really need to shift gears. It’s a great break.

Just for the kids or maybe you, too

Who doesn’t like playing games and learning at the same time. Ok, here’s what we have so far for you.

Games for the Brain

Neuroscience for Kids

Brain Bashers

Fun Brain for Kids


KidsKnotit Network

SoftSchools (worksheets, games, quizzes and themes)

The Lost Ladybug Project (interesting science project for kids)

man with stethoscope to headCollege Learning Strategies

Memory Aids from Mind Tools (yeah, for you)

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