Medication Updates and Reporting

Medications are being approved faster these days because of the pressure from patients and pharmaceutical firms alike. Each has a vested interest and keeping a balance between the two isn’t always easy. Therefore, you as a consumer must always be vigilant in order to decipher the truly innovative from the “me-too” type of medications.

medicationsResearch may not be your forte and that’s okay. There are a number of sites out there that will, for the most part, provide you with an unbiased assessment. ┬áBut remember, even on these sites there may be an advertising incentive and you need to maintain a healthy sense of scepticism and always, always question. So, before you agree to a prescription, do your homework and don’t depend on your PCP because there’s a lot out there that even professionals may not be able to evaluate completely.

One of the gatekeeping sites that are there to protect medication consumers is the FDA and they not only approve new drugs or new indications for drugs already approved, they send out alerts. Should you ever have a problem with a medication, you can report it to the FDA.  The site is called the Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and you are encouraged to utilize it.

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