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I Deleted My Facebook Account

Facebook was never a favorite anything of mine. I joined it to share things I was writing, photos I was taking and to see if some friends might be doing interesting things. But I never went onto the platform regularly and even turned my phone off at night to avoid those annoying "so-and-so has posted a photo." Excuse me, but at 11PM at night I don't care if they posted a photo of Santa Claus in his underwear. Just not interested.

Now, with the increasing evidence of how untrustworthy the Facebook people have been with sharing, selling and permitting our data to be stolen, it's a no-brainer; Facebook has to go. Some are saying it will be replaced with yet another social media platform, but for me, I don't care. It's done.

When I think of all the people who put their trust in the safety of this platform and how they have been misled and used as cash cows for the corporation, it is nothing less than devious. Let Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg posture all they want; to me it's PR in the service of keeping their money. The soul has been sold, Mark and Sheryl, and you can't get it back. If people are reading through your "transparent" messages of "trust," they'll see that the damage was done by a lack of care and a lack of trust.

Sold a bill of rotten goods to the people and reaped the benefits of homes in Hawaii and on the West Coast. Nice. Yeah, Maui is a nice place to live especially when you've hoodwinked so many people that it doesn't matter now.

Oh, and BTW, just how many millions of dollars did you manage to save when you sold your Facebook stock before the bad news hit, Mark? I'll bet it was more than a pretty penny. Some say it was in the millions. Probably so.

The story about the Harvard student who cooked up a great app for his fellow students is a nice story, but the person beneath is another one. How do you intend to get the "trust" back? Oh, yeah, now you both are talking about the need for "more regulation" when previously you were against regulation of any kind. I guess that was until you made that stock killing, right?

Forgive me, I should have been less trusting and less naive, but I never intended Facebook to be my meeting place for my friends and family. Never worked out the way I thought it would and now who knows who has our data and is either using it or selling it.

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