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Sex Toys for Kids and Women

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Education for kids, including a discussion of reproduction, is always a topic of interest to educators, parents, mental health professions and, of course, politicians. But how should children be introduced to this information and at what age would seem to be seminal questions of interest to all of us, whether we have children or not. The old adage, "As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined," might be aptly applied here. The twig metaphor is a powerful one when we consider the rapacious appetite of the young brain and the developing mind for new, novel interests. The veritable "twigs" of the brain's neural structure are branching out with each new experience. How to best assist them?

While attending to my Twitter account today a video scrolled onto my screen, a video that provided potential grist for child protective services people. An adult, possibly male, had taken a toddler to a sex shop and bought the child a lollypop in the form of a penis. Do you find that disturbing? I do.

Bishop Talbert Swan also finds it highly disturbing and he posted it here to make the point visually:

I don't know where the video was made or who posted it, but I found it in my Twitter feed (I have 9K followers). The child in the video may be in danger and may, in fact, be in the early stages of being groomed by a pedophile. We know all about "grooming," especially with underage girls taken advantage of by predators and pimps. A recent TV documentary, "Surviving R Kelly," has now caught the attention of attorneys general who want to speak to the girls/women who appeared in it. The allegation is that singer Robert Kelly, simply known as "R Kelly," is deeply involved in sexual exploitation of young girls.

The R Kelly matter is one area of interest as it relates to sex and sexuality, but another also caught my eye as I read my feed. The recent CES (Consumer Electronics Association) show in Las Vegas, NV, where the emphasis is on innovation, deemed one invention, the Ose Massager, a sex item for women, to be "immoral." The point that is most questionable here is that last year a female sex robot was displayed and garnered no uproar. BTW, here the massager's website:

In 2018, the female replica was shown to, I imagine, quite an attentive audience. This year, the CES organization denied the women an OK to display their product. Lora DeCarlo responded:

"Your letter claims our product is ''ineligible,'' yet you never explain why. It cannot be simply for the fact that we make a product that is for women's sexual health, because CES has given recognition to similar products from our competitors and allowed them to exhibit at the show. Additionally, CES has had no problem allowing explicitly pornographic products for men, such as Naughty America's virtual reality porn product, and Abyss Creations' RealDoll, Solana, the hands-on sex robot for men." Sexism in action?

The market for sex dolls for men would appear to be a burgeoning when, especially when one site offers 300 varieties of "women" ordered in various sizes, colors and shapes.

A type of "sex toy" is used by sex crimes investigators who are working with small children, like the girl in the video. An anatomically correct doll is used to assist the child in showing what actions may have transpired with an adult.

Whether it's viewed as a delight, a danger or a sinful activity, except for procreation, sex always receives more attention than it probably deserves. Europeans have always thought Americans were prudish when it came to sex and it seems that now even "sin city," Las Vegas, where "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," is being prudish. Definitely, according to the current description, a case of discrimination against a women's sex toy.

Why should an anatomically correct female sex robot be ok and a women's small massager be "immoral?" What is immoral about it? It would seem that the people running the event have had a hard time (pardon the expression) dealing with this one. When it's for men, it's fine, but when it's for women it's immoral? What could be the underlying reasoning here? I leave that to your imagination since I have no intention of exploring it further. Let's just leave the CES people to their own type of pain with this issue.

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