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A Mind on Fire

My latest book, A Mind on Fire: Questioning Madness, Medicine and Life, is now in ebook format on Amazon (soon to be additional sites) and ready for pre-order (pub. date is April 12):

Why should you read it? I've taken my readers inside the hidden side of mental health in the older asylums as well as some of the more recent hospitals, specifically psychiatric hospitals. Yes, I've had over 30 years experience in the field and I reveal how patients have been treated, the unqualified staff who "care for them and the patients I've seen in often unsettling circumstances.

Divided into three books, the first section also details the disturbing and unethical details related to significant psychological experiments (the Stanford Prison Experiment, Hooker's experiments with miscarried fetuses, Milgram's obedience to authority, Spitz' experiments with infants and the infamous Little Albert phobia experiment).

Section two deals with medicine; the flaws, deceit and what you need to know and what you will be asked to do (engage in insurance fraud), how your records need to be reviewed by you and why. The deceit involved in the Henrietta Lacks case where fortunes were made on this woman's cells while neither she, nor her family, knew about it or gave consent.

Have you had a surgical procedure or other medical procedure where they asked you to sign a consent form? Did you fully understand what it meant and did you sign as requested?

Do you know what your rights are on these consent forms? You may be surprised. It's all here in this book.

Section three is a bit of a change-up as I provide interviews I've had with John Lennon, Isaac Asimov, an interaction with Truman Capote and other writers. Also, you'll get a back-stage look at what really happens on reality TV shows.

The book is intended to inform and educate while raising questions and providing information in a format that will raise your awareness of matters you may not have considered. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from it; that's my wish for my readers.

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