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DR PATRICIA FARRELLYou already know I’m Dr. Patricia Farrell and I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and published author  with experience in the field of mental health as a practicing clinician, medical writer, researcher, educator and disability consultant.   Formerly,  I was the National Clinical Monitor for Mt. Sinai Medical Center in NYC, where I was involved in the first national protocol  (Cognex) for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.  I traveled to over 17 major national sites where research on Alzheimer’s was active and met some of the major physicians and psychologists in the field.

I am a WebMD Psychologist/Expert consultant for Anxiety/Panic and have appeared on many national and local TV and radio programs, magazines and newspapers.   More information in my bio in Who’s Who in America or Who’s Who in the World.  I try to contribute daily tweets on Twitter, so please take a look and, if you want, follow me @drpatfarrell. I am a member of the SAG-AFTRA entertainment union.

My writings include chapters in professional books, articles and my own books, How to Be Your Own Therapist (McGraw-Hill) available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.  The book has been translated into two versions of Chinese, French and Portuguese.  My second book, It’s Not All in Your Head (for persons with MS), is available from Amazon, Work Stress (an ebook), A Social Security Disability Psychological Claims Handbook, and  COVER FOR FIRED UPFired Up: A shrink’s musings.   There are links to all of my books on my BOOKS page , so just click on them.  I do have an Author’s Page on Amazon.

Currently, I’m writing a book on sleep which has a tentative publication date of March 2016 and will also be available on Amazon.

My philosophy is simple; all of us, especially healthcare professionals, have a responsibility to give back to our community.  This website is one of the ways in which I hope to fulfill that mandate.  I hope that you do find it helpful.

Please remember that this website is intended to serve as starting points for searching out material which you may find useful in a variety of areas.  It is not an exhaustive resource and the presence of a link simply means you may want to look at it, not that it is the ultimate authority nor should you give it any inordinate amount of weight.


Several videos where I appear are on my Youtube channel. My relaxation video is now on my YouTube Channel several other sites and it’s also under my Therapy & Mental Health Info page.  There’s also a short video of a beach scene with relaxing music I think you’re going to like. Take a look.

Why do I tweet frequently throughout the day?   Because I believe that there’s information which is both interesting and vital for people to have. I don’t confine my tweets to psychology or things about therapy or cognition. I include medical information,  psychiatric, FDA recalls, info on computers, software, WHITE SAND PATH TO BEACH websites, film, apps and other things that strike me as useful. So, I’d appreciate any new “followers” who care to join me on this voyage of discovery. Go to @drpatfarrell and we’re off.

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