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AI Said I Uploaded Pornographic Images and I Didn't

Here are the "offensive" feet that I didn't upload

Writers try, by any means possible, to promote their books or articles or whatever they produce. Being a psychologist and self-help book author, I use the means available and one of them is to produce video trailers for my books. I then upload these 30-45 second videos to my website (, YouTube and Pinterest.

The book trailers I had uploaded a day ago included one each on sleep, Social Security Disability, therapy, multiple sclerosis, and work stress. NONE of them has any pornographic or objectionable images and yet Pinterest flashed a message to me yesterday. Seems their AI singled out my multiple sclerosis video as containing this objectionable material and they were refusing it and removing it from my Pins. Here’s my video on YouTube: so you can see for yourself what it contains.

Today, I got yet another message from Pinterest informing me about this transgression of their code and that I could, if I wished, appeal their decision. Bewildered as to how the determination had been made and which video today’s message was about, I decided to appeal. Their message, as you may have concluded, did specify which material was being flagged as objectionable or pornographic and provided a link.

Here’s the note I got:

Hi Dr. Patricia A. Farrell,

We recently removed one of your Pins because it went against our policies on sexually explicit or pornographic content.

The Pin was from your "Health and Healthcare news" board and it originally came from

We don't allow images that are inappropriate for the general public, like sexually explicit Pins, anywhere on Pinterest. This includes Pins on secret boards because they can be made public with the click of a button.

We recommend taking some time to go through your Pins and remove any others that may conflict with our policies.

Thanks for your help,

The Pinterest Team


I looked at the pin AND IT’S NOT MINE! I never posted a photo of two feet from The New York Times. So, how did this happen? Is it related to my other egregious Pin where I had the video for my book on multiple sclerosis? Have I now been marked as someone who uploads offensive materials and who must be carefully watched? I don’t know. Nor do I know why that MS video was removed. Still haven’t heard about that yet.

Ok, Pinterest AI, tell me what is objectionable about bare feet? Does anything “bare” hit your code as an “oh-oh” moment and, if so, who wrote that dumb code?

As I’ve said before, AI is incredibly dumb and here it is again making the same dumb mistake.

I’ll keep you posted on the response I get from Pinterest on this and the MS video, should I get one from a real human being or another AI message. Either way, you’ll know

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